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Tanita Rose - Acting Showreel

Tanita Rose - Acting Showreel



I'm a passionate brunette in her late twenties,  currently based in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Growing up in a small town of Kamnik with a flourishing culture opened a world of performative arts for me and made me dream big.

In the past couple of years I performed in well known Slovenian musicals, and I'm currently still performing in modern dance shows and cabare shows. You can also catch me as a side character on prime time television drama series, in web comedy sketches, commercials, music videos or in some foreign student films.

I'm training to become a feature film or series lead. I appreciate indie films and would be happy to work abroad.

Since I'm currently unrepresented, you can reach me via social media or email.

Thanks for reading my bio!

Have a lovely day.



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